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Our Services

CFO Services

  • Oversee the back office and act as a bridge between the GP and investors
  • Maintain portfolio company data to assist with GP decision making process
  • Provide support during fund raising efforts by preparing appropriate data and reporting
  • Maintain management company accounting records
  • Cash management and assistance setting up banking relationships
  • Electronic bill payment processing
  • Field investor queries
  • Facilitate and coordinate annual meetings
  • Oversee audit and tax compliance providers

Financial Reporting

  • Prepare US GAAP fund financial statements
  • Compute partners allocations including carry in accordance with the LPA
  • Compute Fund/s IRR
  • Prepare and design investor capital statements
  • Compute, collect and pay management fees and carry to the management company
  • Prepare valuation memos with GP inputs to facilitate audit process

Investor Relations

  • Prepare and follow up on capital calls and distributions
  • Prepare quarterly financial reports
  • Distribute the investor newsletter
  • Maintain investor register including contacts, transfer activity, and wire transfer details
  • Provide CRM database for all investor related information
  • Maintain web portal investor data