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The CFO Solution Source

for venture capital and high

net-worth individuals


Who We Are

Fife Avenue Partners was established to provide quality accounting and consulting services to venture capital firms. Ultimately our goal is to be “the CFO’s Office” without the financial burden associated with an in-house CFO and back office team. We believe that emerging managers deserve access to high quality professionals as they seek to scale and grow their business.

Our Promise

  • Best in class cloud based technology
  • Secure data warehousing for all portfolio and investor related information
  • Secure capital call and distribution process
  • Painless oversight of the various service providers to the funds
  • Focused and relevant staff training to ensure high quality service delivery

Our Approach

We will use our network of highly qualified professionals globally, to take advantage of low cost jurisdictions & bring quality services to our clients. We will offer customizable solutions based on the varying needs of our clients. We will provide the one-off support needed for non-recurring events as well as provide support for ongoing operations.

Our international experience in fund admin, operations and audit of VC firms qualifies us to bring strategic & pragmatic advice to emerging managers as they seek to scale and enhance their operational structures.